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Alfred Flechtheim

by Jacob Hilsdorf

Jacob Hilsdorf (1872-1916) //// Jacob Hilsdorf was born in Bingen on June 10, 1872. Like his brother Theodor, he completed his apprenticeship as a photographer in his father's family studio. Hilsdorf then worked with Nicola Perscheid in Leipzig until 1897, where he also met his later first wife Elisabeth Gausche, whom he married in Bad Kreuznach in 1897. A second marriage to Ellen Hasenclever followed in 1911. After returning to Bingen, Hilsdorf took over the father's business. From 1915 Jacob Hilsdorf was a portraitist of the imperial society and therefore relocated his place of work to Frankfurt am Main. At age 43, Jacob Hilsdorf committed suicide on January 11, 1916. //// Here we see a portrait of Alfred Flechtheim. Art collector and dealer (1878-1937). Alongside Paul Cassirer (1871-1926), Alfred Flechtheim is said to be the most important German art dealer of the 20th century. He made history with his galleries in Düsseldorf and Berlin; his private art collection was scattered in all winds in 1933. In 1937 he died in emigration in London.

  • Date

    vor 1910

  • Material

    Pigment print

  • Size

    2 x 4 cm (21.7 x 16 cm)

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